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West Virginia Day: Free to everyone!!

Honey in the Rock is a play that delves into the historical events surrounding the birth of West Virginia. Through the captivating narrative of the Morgan family, it brings to life the story of how this state came into existence and evolved. The play also explores the political dynamics in Wheeling as they sought to separate from Virginia. Throughout the production, notable historical figures such as Stonewall Jackson, Andrew Johnson, and Arthur I. Boreman make appearances.

**The play has a prestigious alumni roster, including Academy Award nominee Chris Sarandon, local actor David Selby, and theater professionals like David Schramm. Honey has stood the test of time due to its exceptional theatrical quality. Originally debuting on June 27, 1961, the production expanded in 1970 with the addition of Hatfields and McCoys. In the mid-70s, it evolved into Theatre West Virginia, a repertory company presenting shows at Grandview every summer.

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